End of Financial Year Sale 2017

EOFY 2017 sale

How would you like to achieve your dream – for a FRACTION of the price?

What about 2 “Thinking into Results” program for the price of 1?

That’s right!

2 for 1!

This is an unbelievable offer, one that I’ve never offered anywhere else before.

Strictly limited to 6 places only!!!

You and a friend can join up together, to make both your dreams come true! What’s even better is that you can both hold each other accountable, making it imperative that you both reach that goal that has always been just out of reach – UP UNTIL NOW, that is!

Let Bob Proctor and Sandy Gallagher be your personal coaches to achieve that dream that you desire, every single day. Together, Bob, Sandy and I will help to ignite the passion and mentor within YOU!

Let us teach you to discover MORE ABOUT YOURSELF that you’ve previously ever known.
"YOU have deep reservoirs of potential within you." - Bob Proctor

Let Bob, Sandy and I help to bring out YOUR potential to the surface.

What do you want? What is it that you TRULY want?

Is it better health? Is it more money? Is it your dream home? A dream job that you love? A better lifestyle?


When you understand that you can achieve ANYTHING you put your mind to,

and when you combine that with the understanding of the universal laws,

You will realise that you are capable of


"It's not who you think you are that holds you back, it's who you think you're not." 

Do you know what’s holding you back from succeeding in life?



YOU were never meant to be a victim of your life’s circumstances. You were meant to be the creator of your own destiny.

Your life is only as predetermined as you allow it to be.

When you begin to reprogram yourself, for the better, the world around you will start to change. In essence, it is YOU looking at your life, from a completely different point of view – one that is full of possibilities rather than one that is ladened with obstacles that prevent you from achieving your dreams.

Through Thinking into Results you begin to view everything about and around you from the infinite potential that you’re truly made of.

With Thinking into Results, you will THINK your way INTO getting the RESULTS that you’re after.


The real purpose in life is to CREATE. It is NOT about competition.

When you use the mental faculties that you have been gifted with,
When you act from the spirit of opulence,
You will see that spirit is always supporting you in all that you do.


Learn from one of the best and most influential teachers in the world, one who has never stopped learning since he discovered the material 56 years ago. And he’s still learning and teaching, at the ‘tender’ age of 83!

Let Bob, Sandy and myself into your life and watch yourself bloom into the rose that you are. Not only will you REALISE THE TRUE YOU, you will also live each day feeling more fulfilled, joy and gratitude for your life RIGHT NOW.

This “2 for 1” offer is strictly limited to the first 6 places only (3 clients + 3 friends)!!!

Instead of AUD 5995 per person, for a limited time,

you and a friend can sign up for this transformation 24 week program that will change your life – FOREVER! – for just AUD 5995 for both!

Act NOW before it’s too late!

Contact Joanne at joanne.ong.tir@gmail.com