There is Perfection and Order in Chaos

Everything that has happened to us up until this point has happened for our growth. Unfortunately, due to our upbringing in the physical world, we have not been taught to understand this; rather, most of us have been programmed since we were young to believe in ourselves as the victims of our environment.

When we start to take responsibility for our own lives, instead of blaming everything that happened to us as being out of our control, we begin to see the truth in what Anita said in the above quote. From my personal experience, I came to realise this only after I stopped looking for someone or something to blame for my son’s autoimmune condition. As I shifted from having things “happening to me” to things “happening for me,” I began realising the perfection of the universe. 

We are all gifted with mental faculties to help us in our growth and experience here on earth. Though many may see it as unfortunate that we have been programmed to use these faculties in a self-defeating manner, in a world where there is perfection in chaos, we can choose to see this in a different light. 

What if we had come into this environment to be programmed in a certain way, so that, when we realise the truth, we can then experience the freedom of breaking-free from this realisation? 

What if, as we break-free from our perceived limitation, we experience the opposite end of the spectrum of emotions that we had been feeling, such that we get the variance of vibrations (emotions) that we have come here to experience for ourselves, on a deep, individual level?

What if we have come here to exercise our free-will, whilst holding love, joy and gratitude for all that is happening for us, so that we may experience the true meaning of freedom as a result of our expansion in our lives? 

Isn’t it time YOU stop to become aware of all that is going on around you, so that you allow the good into your life rather than constantly fight against what you don’t want in life? 

Isn’t it time you STOP fighting your existing reality, use your mental faculties to your advantage and start living the life that you want by looking for the good in everything that has happened for you? 

It certainly changed my life when I accepted life as is, and began appreciating everything that happened for me. “Thinking Into Results” was the boost I needed to keep me going in the direction of my big goal, despite my existing circumstances. It provided me with the tools I needed in understanding how the universe works. As I began to grasp the true meaning of our infinite potential, compounded it with the universal laws of expansion in a world where we are all interconnected, where we are all here to serve one another, and as I continued to practice it, life no longer becomes “just bearable”… life became more beautiful with each passing day. I am grateful to be alive. I am grateful to be able to serve. I am grateful for all that has happened for me, even in situations where my limited physical life may not perceive the immediate good in the obstacle before me. I now wake up to feeling good and looking for the good in any situation because I know that the bigger my obstacle, the greater the joy I will feel in freeing myself from the chains that seemingly bind me. The fact is: the only chains that bound me were the chains of my thoughts of what is possible for me…

There is another world that awaits you too: one that has an abundance of all that you want. Are you ready to step in and experience it for yourself, right now? If you are, please feel free to contact me at to begin your new life TODAY.