How Energy and Quantum Mechanics Affects You

Your thoughts are potent energy going out into the universe: are you aware of what you’re sending out? Because you get what you send out vibrationally, ie SUBCONSCIOUSLY. Your subconscious mind is that which controls your body, through the vibrational signals sent to your brain and it controls what the cells perceive and sends back as a response signal to the brain. 

When we get to the core of how things are made, we need to understand that it’s all made of energy. Everything that we see with our eyes (or not) is energy vibrating at a particular frequency which makes it what it is. A wall appears not to be moving, but zoom down to the atomic level and you can see the atoms travelling at a particular speed. 

In addition to that, we should understand also that we are here in physical bodies with physical boundaries to facilitate our experience from our point of view. However, our imagination is limitless and we can move out of our current state and change our perception just by the use of our mental faculty. I like the example Bob gave in one of his audios. He was brought up during the depression and he described the first TV that he saw at Mr Natman’s. He goes on to say that if somebody had said then, that the TV will, in your lifetime, be the size of a watch, and you could watch a live soccer game in Korea whilst you’re in Kentucky, and the image is sent through signals bouncing off satellites in space, most people would have thought that it’s crazy talk. But guess what? It has happened in his lifetime. 

So, what do you believe in? Because your belief will form what you see and experience in your physical life. Do you believe in a limited, competitive world awashed with fear and that you have to struggle to get by? Or do you believe that the universe is infinite, filled with abundant joy and love, and that the only limitations that exist is that of your imagination? 

Here’s an interesting article explaining energy and quantum physics in simple, non-scientific language. 

Scientists Find That Everything Is Energy And Reality Isn’t What We Think It Is

Remember, your thoughts are made of energy sent into the universe. What do you believe in? 

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