Science Confirms Intent Affects DNA

We have been told that our vibration controls our body. Bob Proctor has taught many over the last 50 years how our subconscious mind controls our body, using the stickperson diagram, a diagram developed by Dr Thurman Fleet back in the 1930’s to help explain why people aren’t achieving true healing and how they can. Dr Fleet observed that medical advancements were treating symptoms, not understanding that symptoms were the result of our mind’s programming and that our body is an instrument of the mind.

Now, science has confirmed that our mind does in fact control the body. 

According to McCraty, Atkinson and Tomasino, in their article entitled “Modulation of DNA Confirmation by Heart-focused Intention” we can intentionally change the structure of our DNA by focusing our intent in specific ways. If we are angry, fearful or upset, our DNA coils up, similar to having us going into a corner and curling up like a ball when we are afraid or in protection mode. Our DNA becomes so wound up that we cannot absorb the information that comes through to us, measured in the experiment by UV absorption (ie light). However, when we are happy and grateful, the researchers found that our DNA begins to uncoil, allowing more UV absorption into the DNA.

Looking at the stickperson diagram, we can see that when we consciously focus our intention from the thoughts and ideas in our conscious mind, into the subconscious mind (the level just below the conscious mind) via repetition and directed emotions, we can control our body, which is how we “get things done” in the physical world.

“Also intriguing is the finding that heart coherence, generated through heart-focused positive emotions, appears to be necessary for this type of interaction to produce significant effects.” – McCraty et al.

The layman’s understanding of “heart-focused positive emotions” is to “intentionally feel good” in a situation. McCraty et al have proven what Dr Thurman Fleet had drawn and tried to explain to his physicians back in the 1930’s. Dr Fleet was correct: to truly heal a person, we need to go beyond the physical. 

Here’s Anita’s explanation of how we are beyond our physical bodies and how our physicality is the manifestation of our attitude, where attitude = thoughts + feelings + action.

Another interesting point brought up in the research is that we can alter our DNA, regardless of the distance. The research found that an intentional focus on winding up the DNA with the specimen being 0.5 mile (~800m) away from the source still resulted in reduced DNA length.

If we refer to the stickperson diagram again, we see that the mind controls the body, but it doesn’t need to be physically with the body. In other words, the mind does not exist in specific locations in our brain. This is something that science has been confirming lately, such as this article published by Scientific American. The research by MrCraty et al takes it a step further, and I believe that it is only a matter of time before we find out that our mind is an energy field that is connected to all, but is one that is tuned to our physical bodies so that we control the physical form of energy with our mind’s energy.

I feel that the research has paved the way to explaining many things that I’ve read about but couldn’t comprehend – until now:-

  • It explains how distance healings work, because there is no time or space beyond the physical world that we live in. A person “on the other side of the world” can change his/her client’s DNA if the intent and belief is there that they can do it.
  • It explains how a person can heal and turnaround their health when they truly believe that they can, on a deep subconscious level.
  • It explains how we can affect each other’s thoughts. An example is you thinking about a person, and the person calls or texts you soon after.

If we are to heal our lives, to heal ourselves, we need to start looking at our body very differently.  We are not the victims of our genes: we have the power to change that with a focused intention to heal ourselves. That is why, before any healing can occur, we first need to be aware, believe and receive our healing.

The only person who is stopping you from healing is not God, is not fate, is not the universe: the only one who is stopping you from healing is YOU!