Thinking Into Results Program

What is “Thinking Into Results”?

As the name suggests, the program helps you to be clear on what you really want to achieve, and then move you towards the direction of your goals, to get the results that YOU want to get.

Thinking Into Results is a 24 week program by the Proctor Gallagher Institute where you work on yourself daily, and we work together on a weekly basis, to get you to achieve the results that you set for yourself. The program will kickstart your personal growth, and you will benefit from it for the rest of your life. What makes this program different from the other online courses is that there is someone who works with you to get you to your goal, and the group holds each other accountable along the way. The responsibility lies with you in reaching for the goal that you’ve set.



Who is it for? Thinking Into Results is for anyone aged 10 to 90+ who:

  • Wants to learn more about themselves
  • Owns a business and wish to expand the business by having all the team members work towards a common goal
  • Leads a team and wants the team to work together in a harmonious environment
  • Has a specific goal that they want to achieve but don’t know where to start
  • Wants to improve their school grades
  • Wants to improve their relationships with others
  • Has a health situation that they’re dealing, and has tried everything but with no success
  • Wants to live the life that they’ve been called to live


Thinking Into Results will be held on a weekly basis, whereby every fortnight alternates between being in an interactive group webinar, where we introduce the lesson (lasting 1 hour), and with the second week being a shorter half hour discussion about what each member has learnt in the last week.


Each lesson in Thinking Into Results has been designed to help you better understand yourself, the laws of the universe, and how manifestations happen. It consists of 12 lessons, briefly described below:

  1. A worthy ideal – Developing a meaningful goal that motivates you to take daily action
  2. Knowing-doing gap – Understanding why positive thinking alone doesn’t get you to your goal
  3. Paradigms – Learn about how you’ve come to be the person that you are
  4. The secret genie – Understand why there is a difference between your conscious thoughts, your subconscious programming and your body’s actions
  5. Mental faculties – We are all born with these 6 gifts but most of us have never been taught how to apply them in our daily life
  6. Self-image – Learn why you’re stuck, and it’s not because of someone or something else
  7. Trampling the terror barrier – When you understand what fear is made of, you can overcome your own fear
  8. Praxis – Integrating your conscious thoughts with your subconscious programming and your actions
  9. Attitude – Learn to change your attitude towards anything and you will see the world before you change
  10. Leadership – Are you a leader? Or an intelligent follower? How are you leading yourself in your life?
  11. Leaving everyone with the impression of increase – When you act from the spirit of opulence, and treat everyone in the same manner, abundance seems to just flow to you
  12. Magnifying the mind – Learn how to get quantum leaps in your results.

Make no mistake: your life is your responsibility. Your success will be dependent on the effort you put into the program. Throughout the program, you will be continually working on developing your innate abilities to not only improve yourself, but your external circumstances as well.

Your awareness levels will increase. You will begin to see opportunities and growth in every aspect of your life.

As you begin to Think Into Results, your life will change dramatically before you – for the better – and you begin to appreciate YOU and those around you more with time.

With Thinking Into Results, you learn to be the creator of your own destiny – whilst enjoying your ride towards achieving your goals.