Mind and body: Your healing journey via Stickperson

I’ve just finished reading “Radical Remission” by Dr Kelly Turner and felt compelled to explain the 9 common threads that she has found in all the cancer survivors whom she had interviewed in the form of Dr Thurman Fleet’s stickperson diagram. 

Below are the 9 key threads that Dr Kelly found:

1. Radically changing your diet

2. Taking control of your health

3. Following your intuition

4. Using herbs and supplements

5. Releasing suppressed emotions

6. Increasing positive emotions

7. Embracing social support

8. Deepening your spiritual connection

9. Having strong reasons for living

It is imperative that we first need to be aware of our own ability to heal. Part of that is an awareness of why we are here, on earth, on the physical plane.

Everyone needs to have a reason to continue living. Having the reason to live requires you to focus and visualise on what it is that you do want rather than what you don’t want. This is particularly important if you’re currently experiencing and/or seeing what you don’t want in your life right now, eg. Being diagnosed with an illness.

We’ve all heard of the saying, “Whatever you focus on expands.” This is true regardless of your focal point. Why? It’s to do with your vibration.

We are vibrational beings. We are a walking energetic field. We are made up of 50 trillion cells, which are made up of atoms, which are made up 99.9997% “empty space” or energy.

Whenever you focus on a thought, whether it’s “positive” or “negative,” your subconscious mind vibrates at a particular frequency. We all vibrate at particular frequencies. The frequency at which we vibrate is what makes us who we are. It’s what makes water the way that it is. When you change the environment of the water molecules, you can convert the water to ice or to vapour or gas. That’s physics. Change the environment, and you can change your vibration. Even an inanimate object such as a table can be burnt down to ashes in the presence of fire. 

Similarly, we have the ability to change the environment of our mind and our body, through the use of our conscious mind, imprinting the idea of what we do want onto the subconscious mind, either via a sudden emotional impact, or via constant spaced repetition. 

So, if we have the ability to change our frequency, why don’t we do it? For some of us, it’s because we don’t believe that we can do it. For others, it may be that we are not aware that we can. Regardless of the “why,” we need to understand that we can change our frequency.

Changing your frequency isn’t as easy as just thinking positive thoughts. Your thoughts are in your conscious mind, but your body’s actions are dependent on the vibration in your subconscious mind. The conscious mind operates based on thoughts and ideas. Your subconscious mind operates based on vibrations. And it should be understood that your body operates based on your subconscious programming: it does not work based on thoughts and ideas from the conscious mind.  

Your conscious awareness of your vibrations are your feelings or emotions. It is your emotions that control how your body operates. Your body has been designed to operate in “growth mode” whereby your millions of cells which have been used up are being replaced in a continual basis to keep your body going. According to spiritual teachings, we need to be in the moment, and feel joy and love in what we do. This is essentially supportive of the science behind the maintenance of our body. As we feel positive emotions such as love, joy and gratitude, we feel good, which means that our subconscious mind is vibrating at a particular frequency which instructs the brain to secrete “happy hormones” like seratonin and oxytocin, helping the body to maintain its function.

However, when you feel threatened or out of control-when you feel victimised by your circumstances- such as a diagnosis of a disease or illness, you panic. In doing so, you need to understand that such thoughts are in-conducive towards your body’s sustenance. When you feel fear of the unknown, when you don’t believe that you can go on, or when you don’t believe that you have the answer to your questions, your subconscious mind vibrates in a frequency which instructs the brain to secrete “stress hormones” like cortisol and cytokines. These are fine in the short term as they help us to overcome the obstacle we may have, like running away from a sabretooth tiger. In the long run, however, as the stress builds up, and we have no outlet for the stress hormones to escape (ie. we’re don’t have a sabretooth tiger to run from), these stress hormones are being built up in place of the growth hormones that we require to maintain our body. Our body becomes neglected. It begins to show signs and symptoms to warn us that we need to release our stresses and resume to our “normal bodily functions.” 

We all understand that it’s important for us to be loved, feel joy and have gratitude for the life that we’re living in right now. That is the basis of most spiritual teachings. Using the stickperson, we can also see that true growth and healing is beyond having positive ideas in the conscious mind; it is something that needs to be practised over time to ensure that our subconscious mind is in that same vibration so that our body (which is the instrument of the mind) acts accordingly. 

Threads 1,2,4,6,8 and 9 refer to the importance of remaining positive despite our circumstances. As we remain positive by knowing that we will get to our destination, by having faith that our goal will materialise and by understanding that we are not the victims of our circumstances, we allow our body to heal itself because we are in the vibration which supports our body’s growth.

Thread 7 is also an interesting point. Dr Turner described how feeling loved and valued by others around us encourages the brain to release love and growth hormones to support our health. Though most of us don’t pay attention to this, let’s play a little game to illustrate the importance of the energetic fields around you. First, think about a time where you are in a supportive and loving environment, such as being surrounded by your loved ones. Next, I want you to imagine yourself in a hostile environment, where everyone is blaming you for what you have done, and even though you’re innocent, no one around you believes you. If you change between the 2 scenes quickly enough, you can feel your sudden vibrational shift, but not only that, you can perhaps also feel the energy around you from the others who surround you. Remember, we are all energy. And if we’re in a particular environment, our energy field blends in with those around us as well. As we now know, our vibrational stance is important in “instructing” our brain to either maintain our growth, or prepare us to run and hide. That’s why a supportive environment can be crucial in your healing journey.

We understand that we cannot be angry and happy at the same time. We may feel sudden bursts or anger followed by sudden bursts of happiness, but we cannot feel 2 vastly different emotions at the same time. Similarly, we cannot vibrate at 2 very different frequencies at the same time (remember, your emotions are your conscious awareness of your vibrations). Consequently, we cannot release growth hormones and stress hormones simultaneously. This explains thread 5 above. If you’re feeling negative, suppressed emotions, you’re building up your stress levels, and until you learn to forgive (yourself and others), fell what you’re meant to feel and then let go of the negative emotions (aka vibrations), you’re forgoing your body’s own ability to be able to heal itself. That is why spiritual teachings always teach us about forgiveness and letting it go, because by doing so, our subconscious mind then moves into a happier, more harmonious state which is conducive to our body’s growth and sustenance, through the release of growth hormones.

Thread 3 is an interesting topic. Most of us have been brought up in an environment where we don’t trust the intuition, that gut feeling that comes to us. The majority of us have been taught to disregard this mental faculty, forcing us instead to rely on our conscious thinking and rationalisation through our limited viewpoints. Bob Proctor says, “When you pray, you’re talking to God. Intuition is when God’s talking to you. You want to know what the problem is? The phone line’s busy and we don’t listen.” We need to understand that our intuitive factor is connected to the infinite one mind, one universe-that which has all the answers to our questions. Your subconscious mind is your “portal” to the invisible, energetic realm (one that you cannot see with your physical eyes). This is where you are connected to God, to the universe. When you pay attention to your vibrations, to the gut feelings that you receive, to the voice that come out of nowhere, to the image that suddenly flashes in your mind’s eye, you’re using your intuitive factor to your advantage. You’re listening to what God has to tell you in relation to the question that you’ve asked. And it’s important to take action based on your intuition. 

As you can see, the stickperson really is the genie in your healing journey. When you see the stickperson and you understand how your mind and body works using the diagram, you’re well on your way to healing yourself and healing your life, so that you can live the rest of your life with much love, joy and gratitude-the way we’re meant to live our lives. Wishing you all the best in your healing journey. Remember, you are love and you are in control of your life.