Implications of Believing in Yourself

Do you believe that healing yourself is beyond you? That you need something or someone else to help you heal?

Or do you believe in your ability to heal yourself,  to overcome the obstacle before you?

Do you really believe that you can do it, deep down at the subconscious level?

Your decision to believe in the good in all that happens to you can transform you. By looking for the good in every situation, you inadvertently change your vibration to always look for the solution to your problems, as opposed to continually concentrating on the problems themselves. You begin to respond to the situation rather than react based on how you have been programmed subconsciously since you were young.

Dr Lissa Rankin was forced to change her mind about health and healing. As she described in the video, she  found that people can change and heal themselves, but only if they believe that they can AND they have the courage to act despite their fears. Those who do not believe so continue to remain as victims of their circumstances.

How have you been programmed with regards to taking charge of your own health? Have you been brought up to believe that there is nothing that you can do about it? Or is there a glimmer of hope that you can see – one that you cling onto no matter what happens because you know that you will get there?

There’s a difference between wishing and working towards something – and the difference lies in the vibrational level of your subconscious mind, which controls your body, which controls the actions that you take, which in turn controls the reality that you see before you.

Wishing can be thought of as being only in your conscious mind, because unless you really believe in your subconscious beliefs (ie on a vibrational level), you will not take any action towards your wish and nothing will happen.

Working towards something reflects your knowingness that it already exists somewhere in the universe, which forces you to look for your end goal. You know it’s there, and your desire to get there is so strong that you continually search for it. Doing so changes the vibrational level of your subconscious mind which in turn, forces you to take action (on the physical plane) to search for that end goal.

Refer to the stickperson diagram and you can see the relationship between how the conscious and subconscious mind works, and how the body is controlled. The more you study the stickperson diagram, the more you realise it as “The Genie” (as Bob Proctor describes it).

Dr Rankin explained in the video how we cannot feel stressed and relaxed at the same time. You cannot produce hormones that support your growth when you’re feeling stressed or protective of yourself. When we are stressed, we release hormones that support our protective behaviour, to run away from a tiger for instance. She also explained how the amygdala component of the brain is very primitive. It cannot tell the difference between running away from danger or being unable to pay a bill: it registers both as stress and forces the brain to release stress hormones into the body. We can only release growth hormones when we are relaxed, and fortunately, it can happen almost instantly.

Therefore it is imperative that we are aware of our thoughts and feelings, so that we can force ourselves to think in the direction that we want to head. The stickperson diagram shows us that the body is the instrument of the mind. When you also understand that your feelings are nothing more than your conscious awareness of your vibration, you see that you are in control of your body. You can see how mind over medicine can work, but you also need to understand the importance of belief in your own ability to heal. You can see, too, from the diagram, that when you continually search for the good in what seems to be a challenging situation, you instruct your body to release hormones that support your growth in this physical world. As you do, you feel good about yourself, you’re choosing to respond rather than react to your situation and you will come to understand that you are never sent that which you cannot overcome. 

Solomon from “Solomon Speaks on Reconnecting Your Life” by Eric Pearl and Frederick Ponzlov said, “Do not think of the target. Think of the process. Do not think of the bull’s-eye. Think of the tension of the bow. Your heart will never lead you wrong. Leave the thought process behind.” In essence, we need to concentrate on feeling joy, love and gratitude in the present, in all that we do, so that we can get to the end target. Our success doesn’t lie in achieving the end goal; it lies in the process of reaching for the goal. Based on the explanation by Dr Rankin in the video and the stickperson diagram, we can now understand (in imagery form) the importance in feeling good in all that we do.

Abraham-Hicks tells us the same thing:

My glimmer of hope drove me to find the diagnosis for my son despite having all the odds stacked up against me. I kept holding on to that glimpse within, and never gave in. I had an idea, I had the will and determination and I took action. I listened to my intuition. I allowed the universe to show me the way whenever it seemed that everything I did wasn’t working, and it worked out – better than I had initially imagined.

As I look back now, the obstacles were needed to put me in the direction that I am in today. I continue to learn more on a daily basis, discovering the innate, infinite potential that we are all made of. As I do, and as I discover more and more about the universe and how it works, I want nothing more than to help others to understand it as well. Together, we can achieve so much more in this lifetime, if we’d just stop believing in the lies that we were taught (as being the victims of our circumstances), and instead, harness and harbour the energy towards the good that we have come to express in this lifetime.

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